Ginger Extract Hair Treatment Cream 500g


Features of Products:

* Pure plant extracts from ginger extract, ginger oil,

* Contains nutrients in the product is conducive to the growth of hair, it can promote the growth of hair fiber cells,

deep repair damaged hair, lock nutrients and moisture. Can effectively prevent hair loss, prevent dandruff, head itching,

hair supple and shiny. After use, the hair is not greasy.

* Anti-itching: Help relieve dry and itchy scalp

* Nourishing: Leave hair soft and lustrous

* Damage repaired: Prevention of hair breakage,frizzies and split ends, repairing damage hair


Nourish hair, make hair dry frizz soft and shiny. Improve frizz, nourish nutrition, scalp soothing, strong anti-break hair, fluffy, moist


After Shampooing, apply hair treatment generously to hair,working through ends,massage few minutes,rinse hair thoroughly.