Lycra fabric thin face bandage remove the lower face wrinkles


This product adopts imported lycra fabric with high tensile strength, pressure big, not changeful form, easy to use and so on characteristics, extended half face stretch mask is suitable for the lift firming skin, remove the lower face wrinkles, relieve double chin, facial surgery and rehabilitation, etc are not satisfied with the face of the crowd

Use advice:

1. It is recommended to use with thin face oil as a thin face.

2. Before using, brush your hair back, not to influence the face mask and face contact, and to properly clean the face, and keep the area dry and dry.

3. If you don’t adapt to the construction start from 15 minutes, you will gradually adjust to the longer time.In general, it is recommended that you use it twice a day for about two hours a day for about two hours, and then stick to it for two to three months.

4. Don’t wear it to sleep, and use it to clean your face again.

If you have a history of high blood pressure, skin disease or skin allergy, please use it carefully

Note: please pay attention to neck circumference when choosing face mask size. If the neck is not suitable, it will affect your breathing.