Sexy Women Platform Shoes Thin High Heels


US4.0=EUR34 Fit Feet 22cm

US4.5=EUR35 Fit Feet 22.5cm

US5.5=EUR36 Fit Feet 23cm

US6.5=EUR37 Fit Feet 23.5cm

US7.0=EUR38 Fit Feet 24cm

US8.0=EUR39 Fit Feet 24.5cm

US8.5=EUR40 Fit Feet 25cm

US9.5=EUR41 Fit Feet 25.5cm

US10=EUR42 Fit Feet 26cm

Note: 1,We should write the low price on the package, and send as gift, so don’t worry about the customs tax. 



Plus size:


Heel Height:16.5cm(error -1 to 1cm)

Platform Height:6cm(error -1 to 1cm)